i strive to capture your special moments in a special way.
i aim to take them and turn them into a piece of art that looks the way
a memory feels – warm and a little bit fuzzy.

like if you close your eyes and think about it hard enough,
you can exist in that image once more.

i want these photos to be your time machine, to make you feel all over again, that unmatched flood of warmth and comfort that comes with reminiscing on such a beautiful day.

i will photograph you honestly, but artistically.

i don’t use presets to edit my photos. i start from scratch with each album. my photos tend to look similar, since that’s just my editing style, but i pour my heart and soul into making each session just a little bit different.

as for who i am, i’m tylar. i’m 22 and i’ve had a camera in my hands for as long as i can remember. i’m a bit on the quieter side until i’ve warmed up to people, but in your case, that’s good. i’ll be the fly on the wall at your wedding, observing everything and every interaction between you and between your guests, recording the moments you missed because you were too busy being in love.

when i’m not taking pictures i’m probably at my other job as a barista. and when i’m not doing that, i like to watch movies with my boyfriend, cook vegan food, get tattoos, hangout with my pets (cat, six rabbits, and a bearded dragon!), rollerblade, and play video games. if all else fails i might just take up a new hobby that i inevitably give up on after two weeks.

if you’ve made it this far and think you might want to let me spend your big day with you, let’s find out if we would be a good fit!