i think we would be a great fit if…

you want wedding photos. and i mean want them. of course most people are going to have a photographer present for their wedding, but i truly care about what i do. i’m not interested in just showing up and pointing my camera at you and going on my merry way.

you see photography as an art. i spend a lot of time on my work. i go through countless rough drafts, i erase and polish and perfect, i put everything i have into my photos. if you have an appreciation for the craft, that’s a big bonus.

you want a relationship with your photographer. i want to establish a relationship with you because a) i love meeting new people, b) i love love, and experiencing other couples’ love, and c) the more comfortable you are with me before i point my five pound camera at you, the more fun we will all have. there’s nothing worse than a stranger telling you to makeout in front of their camera when you’ve known them for all of eight minutes.

you aren’t afraid of telling me what you want. bottom line, these are your photos. i’m creating them, sure, but they’re for you. i want you to trust me enough to tell me when you aren’t comfortable with something or if you have a specific idea in mind you’d like to see come to life. it’s all about you, and i want us to be on the same page. always.

you want to do something a little different. i am always down for an adventure. whether you’re doing an intimate elopement in the mountains of utah, or you’ve got an idea for some killer non-traditional engagement photos, i’m definitely your girl. let’s talk more about it ASAP.

you aren’t a “traditional” person. i’ve got tattoos, a new hair color each week, and three nose piercings. i aim to be inclusive of all people – every skin color, gender, sexual orientation, you name it. you deserve to feel beautiful, especially on one of the most important days of your life. i will never judge you, but i might stare at your tattoos for a little bit too long. sorry not sorry.

you love each other, genuinely and whole-heartedly. i want to document your love, as real and as raw as possible. for some people, love means preparing a nice meal for their significant other before they head off to work in the morning. for others, it might be getting out of town and camping for a few days, just the two of you in nature. whatever your love looks like, i want to capture it. let me tag along on your adventures and you won’t have to worry about selfies. i’ll capture the in-between moments you didn’t even know you were missing.

you don’t have to tick every single box here, either. i just wanted to give you an idea of what i’m all about, and hopefully you’ll be able to come to your own decision about whether you want to hangout with me on your wedding day or not.

alright, so, you think you want me to be your photographer? i’m stoked.
visit my contact page and let’s get the ball rolling.

i want to get to know you, like, yesterday.