“It’s hard to get me in photos. I hate how you always feel awkward, and staged, and normally they never turn out quite as good as you hoped. Well luckily for me…this wasn’t a normal photo session.

Tylar didn’t just come with us and take a few photos. She was capturing and even creating everlasting memories that we will be able to cherish for the rest of our lives. She is incredibly friendly, silly, and interactive. Even to the point of making someone like me feel comfortable. Dare I say, I even had fun.

The photos she takes are phenomenal. She has an amazing eye and a wild imagination that helps her create the perfect photo. After the shoot, we got to witness her edit a few. Tylar’s attention to detail is extraordinary. She is so meticulous about making sure every little detail is perfect, all while staying true to your wants. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

If you want the best photos money can buy and have fun doing it, look no further.”


“I spent months on Pinterest saving photos that I envisioned for my engagement shoot. At times, I would get nervous that none of my photos would look quite the way I was picturing which felt very discouraging. I showed Tylar my vision board, and she turned it into a reality. She goes the extra mile (500 to be exact) to get the perfect shot, including walking barefoot in a freezing river filled with sharp rocks and water snakes.

She also hiked up a steep mountain that had us all winded after 10 minutes of climbing, and was just thankful to be there. Not only is she dedicated, but she takes some of the best photos I have ever seen. She focuses on the details, while keeping the appearance true to who we are. Tylar’s best photos were the ones where she caught us interacting with each other organically, because she never put the camera down.

I have found my life long photographer, and I couldn’t be happier.”