getting to spend the weekend with morgan and wyatt was such a privilege.

we got to watch the office, have a couple drinks, pig out on gushers, and get to know each other more – even though i’ve known both of these lovely humans forever.

morgan mentioned that she wanted to go to montana and get engagement photos taken at her family friend’s ranch, and i can’t believe she took me up on the offer to tag along. the eight hour drive went pretty quick. probably because we stopped to meet salem sue on the way there.

the rest of the weekend almost lived up to the excitement of getting to experience sue in all her glory.

the wind picked up just enough to shake the leaves from the trees.

wyatt got to drink bud light during his engagement photos.

and we hiked to the top of a huge hill, where we got to watch the sunset and snap these pictures,

and i also got to drink on the job.

(wyatt took this and he kind of nailed it)

i’ll leave you with a few more of my favorite images…

thanks for trusting me with your love. i can’t wait to have you guys in front of my camera again.