jack + megan

if you had told me four years ago that i’d be taking photos at megan’s wedding, we both would’ve laughed out loud.

but here we are.

getting to know jack and to witness his and megan’s bold, silly, and patient love for each other has been so wonderful. the first time i met him in person was when we went out to get some engagement photos on the coldest day of 2019, and i knew then and there that yeah, megan really did find a keeper.

i can’t imagine two people who are more perfect for each other. they even ended their vows with the same quote.

and no i’m not crying just thinking about it. really.

i am so glad to have been a part of this day,

to capture some firsts and lasts and in-betweens.

thanks again for trusting me with this. i’m so glad you guys get to love each other forever.