it’s nice to meet you!

if you’re looking for a photographer, you’ve come to the right place.

i’m tylar, a twenty-two-year-old artist based in fargo, north dakota. i’ll spare you all the details because i know you’re here for two things,
so i’ll make it easy on you.

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it might sound cheesy, but photos are an investment. they’re your biggest days and most important moments frozen in a frame for you to look back on. whenever you wish you could travel back in time just to feel the same way you felt on the day you married the love of your life, the pictures will be there.

and you’ll be grateful.

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why are your services so expensive?

there’s a lot that goes into how photographers price their work. not only do we have to pay ourselves for the actual time spent working, but we also have to take into account the cost of doing business. that includes travel time, editing software, taxes, new equipment (guess how much a single lens costs?), and everything in between. photography is an art, and in order to be a good artist, you need to practice. a lot. our prices reflect the amount of experience we have and the skill we’ve developed over the years. you’re not only paying for good photos, but for a professional service performed by a person who has spent years perfecting their craft.

and this is, again, why we call photography an investment. it can seem like a lot of money up front, but you’re going to thank yourself in the future.

do you charge for travel?

if you’re having a wedding within 75 miles of fargo, no. anything further may be subject to additional charges of 50 cents per mile.

do you offer discounts?


i have a few dream weddings i’d like to shoot. for example, if you want to fly out to hawai’i and take a hike through the nāpali coast to elope in the middle of nowhere, i’m packing my bags right now. we leave tomorrow.

what do i need to do to secure my wedding date?

if your wedding is more than a month away from the time you book, i require a 30% non-refundable booking fee to reserve your date. the rest of your balance is due two weeks before your wedding date.

how long does it take to get my photos back?

for weddings, i aim to get all your photos back to you within a month at the latest, but i try to get them to you as soon as i can. smaller shoots like families and seniors can expect photos back within about two weeks.

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jack + megan

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